The start of ortega

Founder of Ortega here, I want to take this opportunity to announce that from now on, there will be a blog post every Monday of the week. I will be writing every single blog post myself. I want to use them as a way of connecting with everyone of you and to share my story and the building process of this beautiful life project. 

Since this is our first blog post ever, I want to share a little bit about what Ortega truly is.

Ortega is born from the necessity to express my creativity and the pursue of being better.

I live every day trying to be better than the day before - so when I started Ortega I saw it as the opportunity of bringing the best quality organic garments to the industry, and I feel that with each project it gets better.

Better designs, better fits, better quality.

Ortega is the constant improvement of wanting to be better in every aspect of your life.

The same way I’m building this brand everyday I’m building a better self - there’s no ending just an everlasting project of being better than yesterday.

That’s what Ortega is.


Let's get this week,


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