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Someone asked me the other day "what is the trick to stay motivated and disciplined?" and this is what I answered:

I have a cleared vision of who I want to be and what do I want to achieve. The trick, is in having a purpose so strong that everything follows behind it.

I also mentioned how motivation is a tool that you shouldn’t rely on consistently. Motivation gets you started but it quickly goes away. When things are not going your way or when you’re having a bad day is very hard to be motivated, and if you are relying on motivation to achieve your goals you never will.

Practice discipline and consistency instead. When I have a bad day, when everything goes wrong… I’m still disciplined and I do what I have to do.

The key to success is to stay present and do the things that you have to do everyday. Stop focusing on the future and let go of the past.

The journey is what makes success worth it, and you can only enjoy the journey by being present.

Wake up tomorrow and choose discipline.

Let’s get after this week,


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